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The photographer is Jerry McJunkin, an avid outdoorsman and nature lover.  Prints By Heritage became a commercial venture when on one of many Summer Vacations to the Outer Banks, I decided to produce some images for my own use.  After making one set of photographs for myself I sent a second set out to a few galleries in the Nags Head area.  The response was quite positive and the following Summer my pictures were found on the walls of many galleries from Manteo to Corolla.  Today you will find my work at the Christmas Shop in Manteo, at the Currituck Lighthouse gift shop, and in Corolla at the Old Corolla Trading Company. 

I live in Denver, Colorado and escape to the mountains of Colorado and Utah as often as possible.  I was surprised on my first trips to the rugged red rock country of western Colorado and Utah by just how much beauty and solitude was out there.  Even today, despite the popularity of mountain biking and four wheeling, it is still quite easy to find your own place to enjoy. 

Our family has vacationed on the outer banks for more than two decades.  We first started by renting houses in Nags Head, then went farther south to the very southern limits of Nags Head, before migrating northward in subsequent years as the road north of Duck developed.  The past few Summers we have spent most of our time in Ocracoke, as some of my more recent images would suggest.  Next Summer we plan to return to Pine Island, with now a new family addition, our first granddaughter.  This is a path I am sure many of you have also followed and made many memories on the way. 

Our entire extended family have most of these photographs, and many other personal ones, scattered around their homes.   I hope these images will bring back the many happy memories for you that our family has shared on the Outer Banks.  If your interest is more in the Western Landscapes I realize there is no way a photograph can capture the size and majesty of the setting.  I only hope that they too can be a day to day reminder of what is out there, urging you to return. 

Thanks for visiting my studio, Sincerely, Jerry McJunkin

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